About Us

Founded in 2002, GreenSoft is a software service provider capable of incorporating AI innovation and technology with the purpose of improving client competitiveness on the niche markets. Due to our research and development capabilities, we can offer unique tailored solutions.
- most of our employees have Master or PhD studies;
- more than 30% of employees have at least two senior competences: Java, .NET, WSO2, Angular, React, React Native, Embedded Software, GIS, AI modeling, etc;
- over 10 years expertise for business architect, business analysts and technical leadership;
- over 25 years of academic AI research (books, articles) and 15 years of commercial AI research and implementations
WHAT are our competitive advantages:

AI solutions;

1. RaTIO - Supply Chain Optimization using genetic algorithms;
2. GreenCardio - heard attack early detection by ECG pattern detection
3. Critical fetal pathology evaluation by image detection and data mining
4. Neural Network Analyzer – In-Car Noise Modelling Platform
5. Public entity - Fraud detection by unsupervised clustering
6. RADAR software terminal, multiple input sensor

HW Prototyping

1. NBIOT communication module for water meters;
2. RF module for smart meters communication
3. Container fraud sensors (GSM triangulation combined with GPS)
4. Pending patents - special sensor for railway wagons for detecting the position without GPS