Electronic Management System

Electronic Management System helps reducing the administrative burden and simplifies the process of managing projects/programs of European territorial cooperation.

The application allows to a beneficiary to register a project, by completing an online form and uploading in the system the documents/annexes of the project application. He can also view, delete, validate and send a project application


- Registration
- Applications
- Program Administration
- Evaluation
- Contracting
- Project Monitoring
- Debts
- Financial Audit
- Payment Authorizations / Payments
- Irregularities

Contracting module allows registering amendment requests of financial agreement initiated by the Beneficiary
Program Administration allows viewing the details about the selected program: title, period, Management Authority, priorities, calls, eligible costs, etc. It also enables viewing the documents registered in the calls Accepts recording a call (title, priorities, terms), as well as modifying, deleting or validating data about a project It allows to the Program manager to change the status of a call
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