Year: 2016

June 2016: June 20th, Greensoft at Select USA Investment Summit
June 2016: GreenCardio© at US Embassy Presentation
June 2016: General Electric Healthcare implemented GreenCardio© telemedicine system at Iasi

Year: 2015

August 2015: Launch of ALERT 24/7 - Disaster Alert News Early Rescue
April 2015: Launch of OnePAP platform at Palas Mall Iasi

Year: 2014

July 2014: Reorganization of Outsourcing department
January 2014: Greencardio© is awarded for its telemedicine capabilities. GreenCardio News GreenCardio Awards

Year: 2013

August 2013: Launch of GreenCity application for smart urban administration
April 2013: Greensoft became ESRI Silver Partner
March 2013: Greensoft became ISO 27001 certified
February 2013: Launch of GreenIS application for GIS telecommunication networks management
January 2013: Launch of GreenDOCS application for document management.

Year: 2012

August 2012: Launch of RaTIO application for optimization of railway carts loading / unloading processes

Year: 2011

December 2011: Greensoft enrolled in ESRI Partner Network
August 2011: Launch of GreenCardio© application for tele-ECG exams.
May 2011: Launch of Billing application for CEZ Albania
January 2011: Launch of Epidemio application for epidemiologic prevention

Year: 2010

December 2010: Launch of MAR application for Electric Network Access Management
June 2010: Greensoft enrolled in Microsoft Partner Network

Year: 2009

November 2009: Launch of RTM application for monitoring railway carts
April 2009: Greensoft became ISO 9001 certified

Year: 2007

November 2007: Launch of EMID application for Incidents and Disturbances Management