img Do you have a problem, but can't fathom a solution? Have you found a way to solve an issue but it's too time consuming and requires resources you don't have? We here at Greensoft can help you. With an experience of over 200 combined projects our consulting team can offer the best solution at the smallest price.


img We have mapped the business workflows and business needs for major companies such as CEZ, ENEL, OMV Group etc. If you want an analysis on how your company is working and where you could make software improvements that will reduce costs and maximise profits, we're the company to go to.

Technical Documentation

img Do you want a new software solution but can't word your requirements properly? Than we can help you. Our dedicated and experienced team of 5 technical writers have participated in no less than 90 analysis and technical writing documents in the past year alone.


img We have a well adjusted and professional testing team of 10. Our testers are well trained and can help you find faults, bugs or just tweaks before going to production with your software. Want to launch an application that will not impact your workload negatively? Call us.

Last minute solutions

img Have you sent an application in production that is failing? Has your 5 year, 24/7 software started failing more and more? We're here for you. Contact us, and we'll come up, analyse, test and offer a software patch to answer your business needs, before offering you a detailed analysis on the best way to handle the issue.


img Many businesses face IT support issues. We know because they've come to us for help. Some of the IT outsourcing services our clients find valuable include IT strategic guidance, planning, and budgeting; system and network support services as well as help desk and vendor management; a suite of automated managed services designed to efficiently and proactively remediate issues; and objective consulting, project management and project implementation services.