Automated Blood Service Information System

SIA SS enters the functional outline of evidence and control of the Blood Bank, which is part of the Integrated Medical Information System (SIMI), and is part of the segment "Automated evidence of socio-demographic resources" of the State Information Resources of the Republic of Moldova. The primary destination of SIA SS is to provide the national blood transfusion service through the National Blood Transfusion Center with a high-performance IT solution used as a support to automate the process of donor registration, blood collection, processing and monitoring of blood products.

The IT solution automatically records all actions performed by users with detailed registration of data, information parameters and requests requested process (inputs and outputs) / stocks / patients / traceability within the Center. National Blood Transfusion.
SIA SS provides users with a public WEB interface that allows individuals to program online for donation and view the history of donations of blood / blood components made by the donor.

The main advantage of SIA SS is that it offers the possibility to follow in real time all the events related to the registration / consultation / donation / laboratory / production / validation / shipment

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