What is INP?

Computer system for collecting and centralizing evidence related to real estate cultural heritage, which allows complex queries and the generation of statistical data to substantiate public strategies and policies.

Where to use it?

For the optimization and efficiency of the administrative, legislative and decisional act in the central administration and its deconcentrated services in the field of national cultural heritage.

Why use it?

The project supports central public authorities and institutions (including subordinated / deconcentrated entities and other structures subordinated, coordinated, under the authority of ministries) involved in decision-making processes related to cultural heritage in Romania.

Contracting Authority (CA): Ministry of Culture and National Identity through the Project Management Unit, as leader of the project "Historical monuments - strategic planning and optimized public policies" (SIPOCA code 389 / SMIS 115895) funded by the Operational Program Administrative Capacity. Direct beneficiary: National Heritage Institute (INP), as a partner in the aforementioned project.
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