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Web development

Greensoft builds and maintains digital products that operate in web environments. It can be a simple website or a complex web application that includes dozens of services locked in a sophisticated architecture. The emergence of innovative web technologies and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowed our developers to build websites that plug into countless useful features. Moreover, web development services that Greensoft provides deliver applications to mobile devices that feel native and work smoothly.


Mobile development

Another key area in our interest focuses on building applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We believe it’s the future of development, as mobile devices are becoming larger and larger parts of our lives. The world of mobile app development is basically divided into two operating systems: Android and iOS. Our developers can also build cross-platform applications or hybrid applications that take advantage of web technologies, for example, Progressive Web Apps. Mobile development is a versatile discipline where products range from mobile games to corporate systems.

Data science

Data science is another key area of Greensoft interest. Organizations of all sizes generate plenty of data, but they can only unlock their value if they build analytics tools with the help of data scientists and software developers. Our developers use scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. We are relating data science to data mining, machine learning and big data. To get actionable insights from data, data scientists mine and manipulate data with the help of analytical approaches, which are then used to build software solutions. Our developed software takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning that enable predictive analytics and help companies to become more proactive in delivering services to their end-users.


Application development

For over 20 years, Greensoft has been providing resilient software solutions, whether they were consumer-oriented apps or transformative enterprise-class implementations, devised to run on traditional operating systems (i.e. Windows, Linux or Mac) or mobile (Android). Our applications empower organizations to digitalize their daily core operations and functionalities and obtain real business value by getting the most out of our products and smart usage of our support services. In terms of deployment infrastructure and storage, Greensoft has extensive experience both in cloud operations (public or private) and in server-based architectures - intelligent and automatic load balancing, server farm health monitoring, automatic and predictive provisioning of resources, and end-user experience monitoring for entities which require state-of-the art security or for other reasons.

Embedded systems

If AI is the nervous system, then IoT (Internet of Things) is the body. Invisible networks consisting of until recently inert components muster together to bring the functionalities of an intelligent "whole" in daily life, entering our world more than we realize. From home appliances to industrial equipment, IoT changes work and private lives, education, public health, industry, mobility, government and society in general. And they all rely on embedded systems, combinations of a computer processor, computer memory and input/output peripheral devices with dedicated functions within larger mechanical, electrical or digital systems. That is why embedded systems matter. That is why this area of software development has an unprecedented pace of development. And that is why Greensoft, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in developing highly reliable embedded computer systems, endeavors to become a premier supplier of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products for a wide range of governmental and corporate domains.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally coming of age and has a profound effect on multitude of industries and human activities. In layman's terms, AI allows machines to comprehend, sense, learn and act in order to extend human capabilities in terms of accuracy, speed of execution, planning and forecasting, even conceptualizations on the edge of human creativity level. As the pace of AI capabilities is rapidly accelerating, society is entering the artificial intelligence (AI) era, driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where computers are taking on new forms and are embedding into people’s daily lives. This means a real challenge for corporate ecosystems, which are in an energetic drive to scale up AI deployments from research experimentation to productive implementations. We provide cutting-edge solutions which confidently entrust tasks naturally associated with human intelligence to AI-engine operational support systems in rail transportation, oil & gas activities optimization, fraud detection, biomedical signal processing.

WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator 6 Developer - ESB Profile

Good hands on experience on WSO2 ESB working knowledge of proxy services, connectors, error handling, custom mediators and good debugging skills
• Hands-on experience in designing and developing high volume web services using API Protocols and Data Formats (REST, JSON, SOAP & XML).
• Experience in WSO2 API Manager for designing API facades, and designing and implementing API Proxies.
• Experience in securing APIs using OAuth, SAML, Open ID Connect and etc.
• Strong knowledge in API Modelling languages and annotation (YAML, Swagger, RAML)
• Experienced troubleshooting WSO2 ESB, DSS, BPS
• Experienced in using Active MQ
• Experience with deployment & testing tools such as Jenkins, Git, TestNG, JMeter
• Strong knowledge of EAI/SOA best practices, development methodologies & standards
• Solid programming skills using J2EE, Design Patterns, JMS, SOAP/REST Web Services, XSLT, CXF, Spring Framework, etc.
• Experience with all phases of software development life cycle from Business Requirement Analysis to Production implementation.
• Design, Code, test, debug, implement and document complex WSO2 sequences.
• Design and development of different integration use cases.
• Work with functional and technical customers to determine solutions that drive additional business value.
• Work with Jenkins and CI tools to automate dev, build, deployment and testing
• Implementing service transformation, routing, enrichment and orchestration in WSO2.
• Writing Junit/integration test cases to validate the code quality and code coverage.
• Mentor and support peers and junior staff members through requirements, design and development activities.


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