What is SIIMA

SIIMA (Integrated IT system for business management) system represents an integrated IT management system that ensures the management of information, resources and activities of public institutions, through software modules and open source IT applications.

Where to use it?

SIIMA ensures the fluidization of the information flow, the improvement of resource management, the inter-institutional interoperability by offering a versatile solution that can be customized according to the specific requirements of the entities from the National Public Order and Security Defense System (SNAOPS).

Why use it?

For automation of the management of processes and activities of public institutions - considering the fast and easy development of work activities with the development, monitoring, updating and optimization in real time of existing procedures. For automation of the management of the institution's programs / projects - by automating the elaboration, management and monitoring of programs and projects.

For automation of resource management, which includes the dynamic management of accounting, handling and reporting of assets and stocks, administrative activities and management of material, financial and human resources.
For an automated management of the internal information circuit, of documents in electronic format and of the transfer of documents between institutions, fulfilling the technical and procedural requirements of information security and ensuring a unitary framework for managing information and reports that offers the possibility to establish the common agenda between specific entities. In order to achieve a viable solution for national security, the proposal also aims to develop public-public and public-private partnership, by creating an innovative product that concentrates specific knowledge and human and material resources from SNAOPS institutions and the relevant national industry.